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industrial zones

/ Northern Central / Ha Tinh

General Information

- Geographic location: Ha Tinh isbounded by Nghe An Provice to the North, by Quang Binh Province to the South, by the sea to the East and by Laos to the West;

- Area: 6,019 km2;

- Topographic features: narrow and steep with the West – East inclination (average slope: 1.2%); There are high mountains in the West (average height: 1,500m), adjoined by bowl shaped hills, small, narrow deltaic land (average height: 500m) and then the beach sand-bank.

- Administrative units: There are Ha Tinh city,Hong Linh town and 9 districts: Nghi Xuan, Duc Tho, Huong Son, Huong Khe, Vu Quang, Can Loc, Thach Ha, Cam Xuyen, Ky An

- Population: 1,228,000 people

Industrial Zones in Ha Tinh


- Natural Resources: Ha Tinh has a 137 km long coastal line; 18,000km2 sea area and 4 estuaries. Ha Tinh sea has 267 species of fish, of which there are 60 valuable ones and more than 20 different species of shrimp. These advantages of Ha Tinh make it alarge fishery where the province could develop fisheries aquaculture and seafood processing. Moreover, forest is another advantage of the province. Ha Tinh has 365,577 hectares of forest, of which there are 299,603 hectares of nature forest and 62,974 hectares of land will be covered by forests in the near future. The nature forest here is diverse with more than 86 families of plant and 500 species of timber, of which there are many valuable species such as ironwood, bassia, teakwood, Fokienia hodginsii, vatica…They also are habitants for many animals, of which there are rare species such as Pseudoryx nghetinhensis, tiger, goat, pheasant and reptiles. Ha Tinh has two national preserved parks which are Vu Quang (52,882 hectares) and Ke Go (21,759 hectares). They have a great potential to develop ecotourism and adventurous sports.

- Tourism resources: Ha Tinh is a miniature of the Central area in particular and of Vietnam in general; It leans against Truong Son mountain chain and overlooks the South China Sea. It has lots of beautiful landscapes, historic monuments and many beaches which have potentiality to become valuable places of interest. Famous tourist spots are Thien Cam, Xuan Thanh, Thach Hai, Deo Con, etc.

- Human resources: The province has a young population. People in working age accounted for 52.6%, of which 20% was trained. The number of people graduating from high-school is from 20,000 to 25,000 annually which to the preserved labor force for labor market. Moreover, the education system of the province was improved so that the quality of labor here will be improved gradually. It has 1 university, 4 colleges, 3 professional schools and 33 training centers.

- Transportation system: Ha Tinh has 383km of 4 national roads which are No 1A, Ho Chi Minh highway, No 8A linking Hong Tinh town to Laos and Thailand via Cau Treo border gate, No 12A linking Vung Ang economic area to Laos and the Northeastern area of Thailand via Chalo border gate. In terms of railway, the national railway runs through along the province. Moreover, seaports also are an advantage of the province. Ha Tinh has Vung Ang seaport is able to support 50,000 tons ships, Son Duong deep-seaport is able to support 300,000 tons ships, Xuan Hai port can support 3,000 tons ship. Regarding airway, Vinh airport belonging Nghe An province, is 50km away from Ha Tinh to the North.

- Power supply: Ha Tinh has two 500Kv North-South run through, one 500Kv substation and a power grid including line system and 110Kv and 220Kv substations. The power supply system supply all communes.

- Water supply system and drainage: Ha Tinh has a rich water resource created by a system of rivers, streams and lakes. The lake system here includes 266 lakes with the total capacity of about 1,600 million m3 and 15 dykes with the flow of 6.9m3 per second. The water resources mainly meet the water demand of households and production.

- Post and telecommunication system: The system was developed all over the province so that it is modern now and able to provide many services in different ways that satisfying the demand investors.

- Industrial zones and Economic zones: Now, Ha Tinh has three industrial zones which are Thach Khe iron mine IZ, Ha Vang IZ and Gia Lach IZ and 2 economic zones which are Vung Ang EZ and Cau Treo border gate EZ.

Economic situation

- Growth rate: Ha Tinh has achieved continuous and stable economic growth rate with the average GDP of 9.6% in the period of 2006-2010.

GDP (%)

- Economic structure: continuingto shift in the way of increasing the proportion of Industry and Services while decreasing that of Agriculture, Forestry and Aquaculture. 



Agriculture-Forestry-Aquaculture (%)

Industry – Construction (%)
Services (%)

Investment attraction status

1. Investment situation in the period of 200-2010: certificating for 169 investment projects which have the total investing capital of 198,240 billion VND.

+ Domestic investment: up to 2010, the investment capital was 36,049 billion VND
+ Foreign investment: up to 2010, the total capital was 162,191 billion VND

2. Sectors call for investment:

+ Infrastructure construction
+ Thermal power stations
+ Support industry
+ Agriculture
+ Other sectors that have advantages to attract investment.

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