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industrial zones

/ Southeast / Dong Nai

Nhon Trach 5 IZ



Investors IZ

Vietnam Urban and Industrial Zone Development corporation (IDICO)

Priority Area

Manufacturing textile products, garments, Food; mechanical products, construction materials; medical equipment and medicines for human and animal; interior decoration, Processing wood products, paper, wrapping paper, ceramics, glass, plastic Products;

Typical Enterprise

Sun Yad company, Headway company, U-Best company, Gloeast Development Vietnam company...



Long Tan & Hiep Phuoc commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai.

Distance to major cities

22 km from Ho Chi Minh city, 40 km from Bien Hoa city, 60 km from Vung Tau city

Nearest Seaport

40 km from Go Dau port, 37 km from Phu My port

Nearest Airport

30 km from Long Thanh international airport

Nearest railway station

35 km from Sai Gon Station (HCM city), 40 km from Bien Hoa station



 fully done internal road system, include roads with 8m and 15m wide, pavements with the light systems and tree systems, making up the fresh landscape in IP


 substation 110/22Kv and capacity 103 MVA 3 power sources with capacity at 110Kv: Long Binh substation, Phu My power company and Ham Thuan – Da Mi hydroelectric plants .


 15000m3/day for only IP

Contact Info

 Full Communications system ensures domestic and international contact easily , including phone, cell phone, fax and Internet … Time for implementation of procedures to provide the following services: 7 – 10 days

Garbage disposal

 garbage is collected and transported to processing focus area in accordance with regulation


 the general sewage treatment plant of IP



Training School

 Lac Hong university, Sonadezi technology and administrator Colleges

Housing for workers

 Residential workers, housing specialists and managers

Other gadgets

 completed drainage and wastewater drainage system were built separately.Systems of trees and lights are scattered in whole regionGood services of: high-speed data transfer, banking, security, houses for professors and workers, customs ….right in IP


Planning area

 302 ha

Area available for rent

  40 ha

Zoning map



Rents do not have the infrastructure

 N/A USD/m2

The rental facilities

  60 USD/m2

Electricity prices

 815 VND/Kwh

water Rates

 4.590 VND/m3

Labor costs

 ≥ 4.000.000 VND/month

Solid waste disposal fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Wastewater treatment fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Management fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Other expenses



In operational


Fill rate


The enterprises in the IZ


Investment Incentives

 In accordance with government and local regulations.





 Modern infrastructure system.Convenient transportation system to seaport and to the south economic centers.Good sewage treatment systems.


 High cost of land hiring and vacant land fund with a little area.


 Adequate to high-tech industries and few labours.


 Environmental remediation. Labour attracting policies with high quality.

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