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Production Monitoring services in Vietnam

Post Date: 28/2/2012
Exp Date: 31/12/2100
Content: Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group provides production monitoring services in Vietnam **** Detailed Product Description • Get your production monitored for X days • Get daily reports about the production issues and status • We will sort the defectives items out (critical /major / minor) • We will give recommandations to the factory for corrective actions Benefit & Advantages of monitoring your prod: Performing a Production Monitoring will allow you to: • Early detect production discrepancies and mistakes. • Implement the right QC checks and production processes. • Know what percentage of defects affects your production. • Implement the necessary corrective actions timely. • Bargain with your vendor in case of quality issue. • Avoid unexpected costs & delays. • Keep strong pressure on your vendor shoulders. • Show your client(s) you care. • Save time and secure your business! Best regards, Dr Capt Nguyen Te Nhan / G.D Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group ------------------------------------------------------- • Tel : +84-8-3832-7204 • Fax : +84-8-3832-8393 • Cell : +84903615612 • E-mail: ceo@aimcontrolgroup.com; aimcontrol@vnn.vn; aimcontrol@aimcontrolgroup.com; inspection@aimcontrolgroup.com • MSN : aimcontrol@hotmail.com • Skype: aimcontrol • http://www.aimcontrolgroup.com • http://www.kiemdinh.org • http://www.giamdinh.org • http://www.inspectionvietnam.com • http://www.vietnamexpediting.com
Category: Services
Demand: Providing
Location: Nationwide

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