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industrial zones

/ Mekong delta / Can Tho

General information

 - Geographic location : The city is bounded by An Giang to the north, Hậu Giang to the south, Kiên Giang to the west, Vĩnh Long and Đồng Tháp to the east.

 - Area: 1.401,6  km2.

 - Topographic features: The city has delta topographic features with many rivers and chanels.

 - Administrative units: Include Can Tho city with 4 urban  districts of Ô Môn, Cái Răng, Bình Thủy, Ninh Kiều and 4 suburban districts of Thốt Nốt, Vĩnh Thạnh, Cờ Đỏ, Phong Điền.

 - Population: 1,154,900 (Statistics yearbook 2007)


 - Tourism resources: Cần Thơ is a beautiful city with 65km along Hậu river. There are many beautiful natural wild landscapes. There also many religious monuments as temples, pagodas, and churchs. Cần Thơ bridge is the country most beautiful bridge with over 15km long crossing Hậu river, connecting Cần Thơ city and Vĩnh Long province. The tourism areas of Cồn Ấu, Cồn Khương, Cồn Cái Khế etc which are on construction will make the city’s ecology tourism become more various.  

- Human resources: In 2001, Cần Thơ population was 2 million, in which, the labour force accounted for 53%. Apart from schools, the city has 24 professional vocational centers. Cần Thơ university and delta Rice Research Institute are two big national science-technology and training centers from where thousands of engineers, technicians, and skilled workers graduate every year.


- Transportation system: Transportation in Can Tho is quite convenient with three transportation means.  Roadway: Cần Thơ has national roadway No.91 running to An Giang; No. 80 to  Kiên Giang, especially national roadway No.1A connecting Cần Thơ with other provinces in Mekong delta. Waterway: Cần Thơ located on Hậu river can allow the circulation of over 1,000 ton ships. Besides, the city has three ports namely Cần Thơ, Trà Nóc and Cái Cui. Airway: Cần Thơ has Trà Nóc airport which will be upgraded to become an international airport.

Power supply system: Cần Thơ has Trà Nóc thermal power plant with the capacity of 200MW connected to the national grid. Ô Môn thermal power plant is on construction with the first stage capacity of 600 MW, and the final stage capacity of 1,200 MW.

Water supply: Cần Thơ has 2 water plants with supply capacity of 120,000 m3/day. It is planned to build more water plants in Trà Nóc, Hưng Thạnh,Thốt Nốt and Vĩnh Thạnh to make the total capacity up to 200,000 m3/day.

Post and telecommunication system: Cần Thơ has 1 central post office and 4 district post offices capable to provide international communication services.  

Industrial zones: Cần Thơ has 2 industrial zones and  2 industrial handicraft centers. Trà Nóc IZ (300 ha) is of 2 km from Trà Nóc airport and 3 km from Cần Thơ port; Hưng Phú (975 ha) on Hậu river side on city southern area; The  industrial handicraft centers are Thốt Nốt  (22,5 ha); and Cái Sơn - Hàng Bàng (38,5 ha).

Economic situations

- Growth rate:  The GDP growth rate was 4,99% in the period 1976 - 1985; 9,42% in 1986 - 2000, 11,67% in 2001 – 2003. Especially, the economic growth rate reached 14,93% just one year after becoming a centrally-controlled municipality. The economy has been developed in a positive way with higher and higher growth rate.

Development plan up to the year 2010

- GDP growth rate: It is planned to reach the annual average rate of 16.8% with development of high tech services – agriculture & industry – trading. Agriculture-forestry-fishery will account fro 10.06%, industry-construction account for 45.2% and services account for 44.2%

- Sectors’ development plan:

            + Services: It is planned to reach the average annual rate of 15.7%; Tourism: it is planned to develop ecology tourism with features of waterline tourism: waterway tourism, ecology garden tours with home stay, tours to historical, revolutionary monuments, tourism combined with exhibitions and fairs. Trading: develop domestic and foreign trades.

             + Agriculture-Forestry-Fishery: It is planned to reach the growth rate of 4.2%. Agriculture: it is planned to develop production of advantaged plants, animals such as fruits, food crops, subsidiary crops, short term industrial crops, pig and cow breeding. Forestry: Maintain stable forestry land with 3 types, increase forest coverage to 40.5% in 2010 (including fruit trees grown in forestry land), create jobs for approx. 4,500 labourers annually; Fishery: apply new technology to increase aquaculture productivity to 2,500 kg – 3,000 kg/hectare and the total productivity of the province to 25,000 - 30,000 tons in 2010.

             + Industry: It is planned to reach the annual growth rate of 20.04% with focus on modernization of industries; strongly develop advantaged industries, creating more added value, meeting the demands for consumers goods of domestic and foreign markets; Establish and develop central industrial zones and clusters including processing centers and high tech industrial zones

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