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industrial zones

/ Mekong delta / Soc Trang

General information

- Geographic location: The province is bounded by Cần Thơ to the north and western north, BạcLiêu to the western south, TràVinh to the eastern north and the sea to the south.

- Area: 3,312.3 km2.

- Topographic features: The province has flat terrain with the absolute height from 0.4-1.5m, the slope changes about 45cm/km in length. In general, the topography form of SocTrang is like a basin, the higher region is near Hau river and the lower regiongoes gradally toward Dong sea. The lowest area is in the West and the North West.

- Administrative units: Include SócTrăng city and 10 districts which are Ke Sach, Long Phu, Vinh Chau, My Xuyen, My Tu, Thạnh Trị and Cù Lao Dung, Chau Thanh, Nga Nam, Tran De.

- Population: 1,283,600 people

Industrial Zones in Soc Trang


- Natural resources:Arcording to land use system, SocTrang has total land area of 331,176.29 ha.The land has high fertility and suitable for growing low land rice, short-term industrial crops such as sugarcane, soybean, corn and other vegetables like onions and other fruits such as grape fruit, mango and durian… The coastal area with 72 km length and 2 major river estuaries (Hau river and My Thanh river) is enable the economic depending on the sea: marine aquaculture and industry, ports for commercial (export and import), fishing, tourism, transportation and services. 

- Tourism resource: Threre are many places for tourism such as Stork Park in Long Tan, Thanh Tri distric, Dinh river Park (SocTrang city), Tran De fishing port, resortsin Mo O (Lich Hoi Thuong, Long Phudistric), Cu Lao Dung (Long Phudistric) and My Thanhmelaleuca forest which very suitable for ecology toursim…The province also hasan unique strength that there has special and various festivals as well as temples which come from 3 ethnic groups: Kinh people, Chinese people and Khmer people.

- Human resources: the province labour force was 734,404, accounting for 59.03% population. 80.26% of them are working in agriculture-forestry-fishery; 8.02% in industry and construction; 11.72% in service sector. The labour force is forecasted to increase 3.3% annually in period of 2001 - 2010. Quality of the labour force is limited with only 5% of skilled labour.


- Transportation system: There are roadway and waterway in SócTrăng. The roadway system is quite convenient with important national highways No.1A, No.60. SócTrăng has 72 km coastal line, Hậu river with three river mouths in Định An, TrầnĐề and MỹThanh, and many channels to form a convenient waterway system. The Trần Đề port has capacity of 240,000 ton/year.

- Power supply system: SócTrănghad 100% rural communes supplied with medium voltage electricity. The system is capable to supply power for residential and industrial activities.

- Water supply system: Water system in the town of SocTrang has been upgraded to thecapacity of 18,000 m3/day. The systems in other towns and residential areas also capable to supply sufficiently for production and daily life activities.

- Post and telecommunication system: All province area has been cover by reception of many carriers; the communication services are provided to 100% communes and districts.In 2009, the number of cellphone is about 724,653, the number of homephone is about 141,308. The internet broadband and cable devices are upgraded and applied wider as the demand of customers is increasing rapidly. i

- Industrial zones: There are 6 IZs in the province namely An Nghiep , Tran De, Dai Ngai, Vinh Chau, Long Hung and My Thanh.

Economic situations

- Growth rate:In recent years, SócTrăng economy has developed with annual GDP growth rate of 11.38% in 2006 - 2010, GDP for individual increases from $US 470/year in 2005 to $US 1,070/year in 2010.

GDP (%)

- Economic structure has been changed in a positive way which is to increase the contribution ratio of agriculture-forestry-fishery and to reduce the contribution ratio of industry.

Agriculture-forestry-fishery (%)
Industry and construction (%)
Services (%)

Investment attraction

1. Total investment capital in the period 200-2010 (including State capital and FDI) is 28,162,246 millionVND.

+ Local investment: 27,954,136 millionVND.
Registed capital: 27,954,136 million VND
Implemented capital:

+ Foreign investment: 209,110 million VND
Registed capital: 209,110 million VND
Implemented capital:

2. The key field for investment

+ Agriculture
+ Industrial
+ IZ infrastructure
+ Comercial, Construction and tourism

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