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industrial zones

/ Southeast / Dong Nai

General information

- Geographic location: The province is bounded by Lâm Đồng in the North, by Bình Thuận to the East, by Bình Dương, Bình Phước and Hồ Chí Minh City in the West, and by Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu in the South.

- Area: 5,903.9km2

- Topographic features: Đồng Nai has topographic features of delta and flat land with scattered mountains, slopping from the north to the south.

- Administrative units: Include Biên Hoà city, Long Khánh town and 9 districts of: Long Thành; Nhơn Trạch; Trảng Bom; Thống Nhất; Cẩm Mỹ; Vĩnh Cửu; Xuân Lộc; Định Quán; Tân Phú.

- Population: 2,559,673 peopleResources


- Natural resources: Soil types inĐồng Nai can be divided into 10 major groups namely: Grey, black, red soil etc. These soil types are suitable for annual crops, long life industrial crops, paddy and other subsidiary crops. The province has various mineral resources: Metals (gold, tin, lead, zinc); Nonmetal (Kaolin, color clay, lime stone, marble, sand); Mineral water (underground water, hot stream).

- Tourism resources: Đồng Nai has many historical, cultural monuments and tours to Trấn Biên Temple of literature, Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh temple, Bửu Long tourist area, Đồng Nai river tour line, South Cát Tiên national park, Tân Triều pomelo village, Thác Mai waterfall – Hot lake, Eagle island...

- Human resources: The number of labor in working age was approx. 1.5 million. The province has 13 universities, junior colleges, and professional schools with 19,000 students. Đồng Nai has 53 vocational training center with 51,200 apprentices in: electric, mechanic, building, transportation, information technology, cultural and art, health care, agriculture and processing, chemical, trading and management, etc.


- Transportation: Convenience transportation system with 3 types of transportation means: roadway, railway, and waterway. There are 4 National highway ways of No. 1, No. 56, No. 20, No. 51. The province has 87,5 km of railway with 12 stations create favorable condition for passenger and cargo transportation. The waterway with Đồng Nai and Thị Vải Rivers and 3 ports of Long Bình Tân, Gò Dầu A, Gò Dầu B also make the transportation convenient.

- Power supply system: the local system has been connected to the national grid. The electricity distribution system of 15KV covers over 171 towns, districts and communes in the province territory and can meet the power demands of investors.

- Post and telecommunication system: The province has 66 post offices, 78 electronic switchboards with total capacity of 200,116 subscribers. The actual number of existing subscribers is 169.843, equivalent to 85% total capacity. It is convenient to have direct contacts to national and international system from the province.

- Industrial zones: The Province has 30 industrial zones namely: Amata (with the total area of 494 hectares), Bien Hoa I (335 hectares), Bien Hoa II (365 hectares), Go Dau (184 hectares), Loteco (100 hectares), Nhon Trach I (439 hectares), Nhon Trach II (347 hectares), Nhon Trach III (688 hectares), Song May (474 hectares), Ho Nai 479 hectares), Nhon Trach garment (184 hectares), Nhon Trach V (302 hectares), Tam Phuoc (323 hectares), Long Thanh (488 hectares), An Phuoc (130 hectares), Dinh Quan (54 hectares), Long Duc (283 hectares), Nhon Trach VI (315 hectares), Nhon Trach II – Nhon Phu (183 hectares), Nhon Trach II – Loc Khang (70 hectares), Xuan Loc (109 hectares), Thanh Phu (177 hectares), Bau Xeo (500 hectares), Tan Phu (54 hectares), Agtex Long Binh (43 hectares), Ong Keo (823 hectares), Long Khanh (264 hectares), Giang Dien (529 hectares), Dau Giay (331 hectares), Loc An – Binh Son (497.7 hectares).

Economic status

- Growth rate: Dong Nai economic growth increased stably. The average rate was about 13.6%

GDP (%)

- Economic structure: it has been changed in the way of u increasing the proportion of industry.

Agriculture-Forestry-Aquaculture (%)
Industry – Construction (%)
Services (%)

Investment attraction status

Dong Nai has been one of the 4 provinces in the country attracting the most foreign investment recent years. About 1000 foreign investors from 35nations and regions and 13,000 domestic investors invested into the province. The total registered capital that foreign ones investing into the province was just over 19.4 billion USD, of which 1.9 billion was from 100 projects of Japanese investors. Japan not only ranks third in the number of projects invested in Dong Nai but also ranks first in tax participantto the province. The Japanese projects attract over 40,500 workers. Among foreign countries having investing projects in Dong Nai, Japan also stands at the first place in tax contribution.

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