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industrial zones

/ Southeast / Binh Duong

General information

- Geographic location: Binh Duong Province is bounded by Bình Phước province in the North, Hồ Chí Minh in the South and South West, Tây Ninh province in the West and Đồng Nai province in the East.

- Area: 2,696.2km2

- Topographic features: The province is quite flat stable and firm subsoil. Popular are ancient successive alluvial hills with 3-150 slope.

- Administrative units: Include Thủ Dầu Một town and 6 district of Dầu Tiếng, Bến Cát, Phú Giáo, Tân Uyên, Thuận An and Dĩ An.

- Population: 1,022,700 (Year 2007)

- Natural resources: Bình Dương has various types of land, which suitable for various industrial crops, for civil engineering and industrial development. Bình Dương has various mineral resources, especially non-metal minerals with magma, deposited and weathered origins. These are material supply for the province traditional industries as ceramic, pottery, building material, mineral exploitation. Geological investigations in 82 fields showed that Binh Duong has 9 minerals of kaolin, clay, building stones (eruptive andezit, granite, and sandstone), building sand, gravel, laterit and peat.

- Tourism: With the advantages of natural resources and value of 300 year civilization, Binh Duong has implemented various tourist activities with specific services and tours to beautiful landscapes along Sai Gon river, historical monuments, traditional festivals, and professional villages…

At present, Binh Duong has several private tourist areas as Phương Nam, Dìn Ký, Thanh Cảnh, Hàn Tam Ðẳng, Huỳnh Long tourist area, Sai Gon, Sông Quê ecological tourist village, Bình An cultural park...

- Human Resource: In 2001, Binh Duong had a population of 769.946 people. Number of labourers accounted for 59,9% of the population with high proportion of young labourers and traditional skillful labourers. The number of labourers who graduated graduated from universities or higher level was 6.272, accounting for 4,74% total labour force; Professional school graduates and equivalent labourers were 21.268, accounting for 16,02%.


- Transportation system: Transportation system is quite convenient. The system is connected with important national highways No. 1A, No.13, 14, 22,51, Highway Biên Hòa - Tân Uyên – National highways No.13. Trans-Asia railway (to be completed in the future) Hồ Chí Minh city - Phnôm Pênh - Bangkok will go from the north to the south of the province, connecting its industrial and urban areas with material zones in the northern part of the province and in the Highlands.

- Power supply system: Bình Dương has various systems of national power grids from North to South. 100% of communes have connected to national grids. 92,3% households have supplied with electricity for their daily lives and production activities. Sóng Thần transformer station has capacity of 40 MVA, Tân Định station has capacity of 40 MVA; grid line Đồng Xoài – Phước Hòa and Phước Hòa station has capacity of 140 MVA; thermal power plant of 150 MVA in Việt Nam – Singapore industrial zone has been built. Another thermal power plant of 150 - 200 MVA to supply for other local industrial zones has also been built.

- Post and telecommunication system: 100% stations have been equipped with digital switchboards and digital technology. The services of telephone, fax, telex, gentex, data transmition are dual automatic with international standards; Optical cable system has been built in the town of Thủ Dầu Một, Thuận An district and industrial zones; In 2002 the telephone usage proportion  was 13,8 set/100 persons.

- System of industrial zones: Bình Dương has the following industrial zones: Vietnam - Singapore (500ha), An Hoà (158ha), Bình Đường (24ha), Đại Năng (274ha), Đồng An (133ha), Kim Huy (205ha), Nam Tân Uyên(330,5ha), Phú Gia (133ha), Sóng Thần I (180ha), Sóng Thần II (319ha), Sóng Thần III (533ha), Tân Đông Hiệp A (47ha), Tân Đông Hiệp B (164ha), Việt Hương I (45ha), Việt Hương II (250ha).

- Growth rate: From 1997 to 2006 average annual economic growth rate is 15,2%, ranking the first in the southern economic zone. Annual budget income increased 24, 4% per year with 5.864,7 billion VND in 2006.

- Economic structure: Changed in positive way in which the GDP contribution of industry, construction was always much higher than those of other sectors.

Development Plan up to the Year 2010

- Sectors’ development plan:

+ Service: Invest in upgrading and building markets, supermarkets, trading centers as approved plan in harmony with the development of industrial zones, urban areas, and residential areas to satisfy the demands for manufacturing and consuming of the society; Encourage investment on projects of upgrading specific tourist areas and exploiting the potentiality of local tourism to contribute to the economic development.

+ Agriculture-Forestry-Fishery: Implement structure changes in plants, animals to increase productivity and efficiency. Encourage technical transfer, financial assisting for agriculture; Invest in high-tech agriculture areas, gradually increase the husbandry proportion in agriculture and consider it as a main agricultural activity; Forestry: Stabilize the area of forests; effectively implement forest management, protection, and development.

+ Industry: Set priority and encourage the investment on high-tech industries with high added value such as mechanics, electronics, informatics, telecommunication and new materials to create profound changes in industry; Speed up investment on My Phuoc 3 and six industrial zones in the Binh Duong Industrial-Service-Urban complex to create stimuli for achieving the development targets

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