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industrial zones

/ Southern Central Coast / Ninh Thuan

General information

- Geographic location: The province is bounded by Khanh Hoa province to the North, by Lam Dong province to the West, by Binh Thuan province to the South and by the South China Sea to the East.

- Area: 3,363.1 km2.

- Topographic features: Topography consists of 3 types: mountain, plain and coast.

- Administrative units: The province is divided into Phan Rang – Thap Cham city and 5 districts: Ninh Sơn, Ninh Phước, Ninh Hải, Bác Ái, Thuận Bắc.

- Population: Approx. 574,800 (Statistics Yearbook of 2007)

Industrial Zones in Ninh Thuan


- Natural resources: The province has 60,113 hectares of agricultural land, 159,895 hectares of forestry land, 12,673 hectares of specialized land, 2,880 hectares of residence land, 100,443 hectares of stream and stone mountain land; the rest is unused land. With 150 km of coastal line, the province’s fishing area is in area favourable for seafood exploitation (500 marine species) with various and plentiful source of income. Besides, the province has many mineral resources such as Wonfram, Molipden, tin, rock crystal, sand for making glass, clay for making pottery, etc.

- Tourism resources: Ninh Thuan is a picture harmonizing among plain, mountain and sea with many beautiful places of interest such as Ninh Chu, Ca Na beaches, Ngoan Muc mountain pass, Vinh Hy bay, Cham towers with hundreds of historical & cultural monuments and objects such as Poklong Garai tower, Porome tower, Hoa Lai tower, etc. which remained the intact.

- Human resources: The population was 565,000 in 2005. 310,000 are at working age, accounting for 54.3%; estimated to be 336,000 in 2010. Trained labourers account for 14% and estimated to be 25-30% in 2010. These plentiful labour force can meet the demands for labour of projects invested in the province.


- Transportation system: The system is quite convenient with national highways (No. 1A, No. 27 to Da Lat and South Central Highlands) and the North-South railway running through. There are roads for cars to the centres of all communes. Besides, Ninh Thuan is situated near Cam Ranh airport and Ba Ngoi goods port (1 one 10 biggest sea port of the country). Ninh Thuan is connected with any other place nationwide by roadway, railway and airway.

- Power supply system: All communes and 95% households are supplied with electricity by the national power network. The system will be expanded to serve the province’s key economic zones.

- Water supply system: At present, the province has 3 water supply plants: Cham Tower (with the capacity of 52,000 m3/day), Tan Son Ninh Son and Phuoc Danh Ninh Phuoc to ensure enough water supply to Phan Rang – TC town, townlets and surroundings. Du Long and Phuoc Nam water supply plants are being constructed to supply water for industrial zones and local households.

- Post and telecommunication system: The system has been improved and modernized to ensure domestic and foreign communication from the province. Up to 2004, all communes, wards, townlets had telephones with the average number of 8.1 telephones in 100 persons.

- Industrial zones: The province has 5 industrial zones and clusters: Thanh Hai industrial cluster with the area of 35 hectares situated 5 km from the centre of Phan Rang – Thap Cham town in the North-East; Thap Cham industrial cluster with the area of 126 hectares situated 7 km from the centre of Phan Rang – Thap Cham town in the North-West; Tan Tai industrial zone with the area of 30 hectares in Tan Tai ward, Phan Rang – Thap Cham town, Du Long industrial zone with the area of 300 hectares in Cong Hai and Loi Hai communes, Ninh Hai district; Phuoc Nam industrial zone with the area of 250 -300 hectares in Phuoc Nam commune, Ninh Phuoc district

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