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industrial zones

/ Southern Central Coast / Quang Ngai

General information

- Geographic location: The province is bounded by Quang Nam province to the North, by Binh Dinh province to the South, by Kon Tum and Dak Lak provinces to the West & South-West and by the sea to the East.

- Area: 5,198km2

- Topographic features: Topography consists of mountain (accounting for 63% of the total natural area), midland and plain (accounting for 37%).

- Administrative units: The province is divided into 1 city (Quang Ngai city) and 13 districts: Bình Sơn, Sơn Tịnh, Tư Nghĩa, Nghĩa Hành, Mộ Đức, Đức Phổ, Trà Bồng, Tây Trà, Sơn Trà, Sơn Tây, Minh Long, Ba Tơ, Lý Sơn..

- Population: 1,288,900 people

Industrial Zones in Quang Ngai


- Natural resources: The province has 513,520 hectares of natural land, including 99,055 hectares of agricultural land, 144,164 hectares of forestry land, 20,979 hectares of specialized area, 242,910 hectares of unused, streams, rivers and rock mountains. The province has over 130 km of coastal line with a large fishing area of 1,100 km2 which can be effectively exploited (mainly surface fish with the reserve of 68,000 tons of all kinds). This is the key industry of the province. Quang Ngai is endowed by nature with mineral resources such as graphite mine in Son Tinh, bauxite mine in Binh Son, peat mine in Binh Son, etc.

- Tourism resources: The province has Sa Huynh culture relics, Thien An pagoda, Chau Sa citadel, Son My vestige, Dam Toai tunnels in Binh Chau commune, Ba To revolutionary base, tomb of patriot Huynh Thuc Khang, etc. Besides Quang Ngai has 130 km of coastal line with poetic landscapes suitable for tourism development such as Sa Huynh beach, My Khe seaside, Dung Quat deep pond, Batangan cape, Ly Son island (a peaceful and very beautiful landscape with lively and wild fishing port).

- Human resources: In 2010, the number of people in working age was 737,000, in which 7,800 was trained. 712,000 people work in the national economy.


- Transportation system: It is quite convenient with 3 major means of transportation: roadway, railway and waterway. Roadway: There are several important national highways (No. 1A, 24A, 24B) running through the province. Railway: the North – South railway route runs along the province. The railway routes linking Dung Quat port to the North – South railway and Tri Binh goods station was built in 2010. Waterway: Dung Quat deep water port is one of the biggest ports of the country Besides that, the province also has Sa Ky port andLy Son island port (30km from land)

- Power supply system: At present, 168/179 communes of the province (accounting for 93.8%) are being supplied with electricity by the national 500 KV power network.

- Water supply system: Quang Ngai city is supplied with water by Quang Ngai water supply plant with the capacity of 15,000m3/day (improved to raise the capacity to 20.000m3/day). The water supply plant in Dung Quat economic zone has the current capacity of 15,000m3/day in Phase I (to be improved to raise the capacity to 50.000m3/day - 100.000m3/day in Phase II).

- Post and telecommunication system: There are 310 post offices including 23 post offices, 150 communal cultural points - post offices, 138 multi-service post agents. All communes have connected telephones with the total subscribers (mobile + fixed VNPT telephones) of 191,000 (15 pieces in 100 persons). Service area per one post office is 2 km. Mobile phones are available in all cities, districts.

- Industrial zones: Quang Ngai has 3 Industrial zones which are Tinh Phong IZ (350 hectares), Quang Phu IZ (120.41 hectares) and Pho Phong IZ (303.7 hectares). There is also Dung Quat economic zones planned with the total area of 10,300 hectares in Binh Son district.

Economic situations

- Growth rate: The province’s economy developed with the average rate of 18.6% in the period of 206-2010. Development plan up to 

GDP (%)

- Economic structure:-omic industrialization and modernization way.







Agriculture-Forestry-Aquaculture (%)






Industry – Construction (%)






Services (%)







Investment attraction status

1.The total investment capital from 2006 to 2010

+ Foreign investment: in 2010, there were 21 FDI projects with the total capital of 3.7 billion USD.Among these projects, some projects which are Doosan heavy industry factory and Guanglian steel stared their operations.
+ Domestic investment: About 240 projects were permitted to invest with the total capital of 40,000 billion VND. 77 projectswith the total capital of 14,000 billion VND were located in Dung Quat Economic zones.

2.Invested sectors:
+ Heavy industries, refinery industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry.

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