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industrial zones

/ Red-river Delta / Hai Duong

General information

- Geographic location: Hai Duong is bounded by Bac Giang to the North, by Quang Ninh and Hai Phong to the East, by Bac Ninh and Hung Yen to the West and by Thai Binh to the South.

- Area: 1,654.2 km2.

- Topographic features: The province’s topography has features of both plain and mountain. Hills and mountains accounts for 11% and are in Dong Trieu mountain range in Chi Linh and Kinh Mon districts (in the North and Northern East).

- Administrative units: Hai Duong is divided into 1 city (Hai Duong city) and 10 districts: Binh Giang, Cam Giang, Gia Loc, Kim Thanh, Kinh Mon, Nam Sach, Ninh Giang, Thanh Ha, Thanh Mien and Tu Ky.

- Population: 1,712,800 people

- Natural resources: The province has diversified and rich soils suitable for agricultural development. Its mineral is not various in types but large in quantity and of good quality well serving local industries, especially construction material production such as cement limestone in Kinh Mon districts, Kaolin in Kinh Mon, Chi Linh districts, bauxite in Kinh Mon district, etc.

- Tourism resources: Hai Duong is one of the hometowns of Vietnam’s culture with hundreds of historical and cultural monuments such as Con Son – Kiep Bac, monuments of Chu Van An, Tue Tinh, etc.

- Human resource: The number of people in working age was about 1.1 million accounted for 63% population of the province. The proportion of trained labor was around 19-20% and the proportion of common workers graduated high school was about 60-65%. The labor force here is considered to be hard-working, creative and trainable.


- Transportation system: It is quite convenient to travel in/to/from Hai Duong with 3 major means of transportation which are roadway, waterway and railway. There are 6 national highways (National highways No. 5, 10, 18, 38, 37 and 183) running through the province. Hanoi-Hai Phong railway route with 7 stations in the province satisfies the local demand of passenger and goods transportation. Kep-Bai Chay route running through Chi Linh district is the route for goods transportation from northern highlands to abroad through Cai Lan port. The province has 400 km of rivers including 16 major river routes, enables the traveling of 500 ton ships. Besides that, Cong Cau port with annual capacity of 300,000 ton and satisfactory wharfs and grounds make waterway more convenient here.

- Power supply system: The province has one thermo-electricity plant (Pha Lai) with the capacity of 1040 Mw; The province’s power supply network ensures safety and stability of power supply with 5 transformer stations of 110/35 kV (total capacity of 197 MVA) and 11 transformer stations of 35/10 kV. These stations are evenly distributed in the province. The 110 kV and 35 kV power networks properly satisfy power demand of households and factories.

- Post and telecommunication system: The coverage of mobile phone waves is all province. Telephone networks are installed in all communes connecting with other areas nationwide and worldwide.

- Industrial zones: There are quite many industrial zones in Hai Duong which are Nam Sach (62.4 hectares), Dai An ( 607.22 hectares), Phuc Dien (100.6 hectares), Tan Truong (311.9 hectares), Viet Hoa – Kenmark (46.4 hectares), Tay Thuy – Lai Vu (212.89 hectares), Phu Thai (72 hectares), Cong Hoa (357.03 hectares), Lai Cach (132.4 hectare) and Cam Dien – Luong Dien (183.96 hectares).

Economic status

- Growth rate: continuing to increase stably

GDP (%)

-Economic structure: Increasing the proportion of industry, construction and services while decreasing gradually that of agriculture

Agriculture-Forestry-Aquaculture (%)
Industry-Constructure (%)
Services (%)

Investment attraction

- In the first half of 2011, the province attracted 266.11 million USD of FDI, of which there are new 14 projects with the total registered capital of 214.91 million USD while 6 projects were invested 51.2 million more. The total of implemented capital in the first six months of 2011 was predicted to be about 140 million USD.

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