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industrial zones

/ Red-river Delta / Hai Phong

General information

- Geographic location: It is bounded by Quang Ninh to the North, by Hai Duong province to the West, by Thai Binh province to the South and by the sea to the East.

- Area: 1522.1 km2.

- Topographic features: the topography is very diverse with midland, hills and plain in the North, and low, flat true plain in the South running to the sea.

- Administrative units: Hai Phong city is divided into 7 urban districts: Kinh Duong, Do Son, Hai An, Hong Bang, Ngo Quyen, Le Chan and Kien An and 8 suburban districts: Thuy Nguyen, An Duong, Tien Lang, Vinh Bao, An Lao, Kien Thuy, Cat Hai and Bach Long Vi.

- Population: 1,857,800 people


- Natural resources: Hai Phong has over 57,000 hectares of cultivation land. Besides that, it has diverse forestry resources especially Cat Ba primeval forest with plentiful and various flora including precious plants. Its mineral resources are quite multifarious with iron ore in Duong Chinh, Thuy Nguyen, mineral sand in coastal areas (Cat Hai and Tien Lang), kaolin in Thuy Nguyen, clay in Tien Lang, phosphate in Bach Long Vi Island, etc.

- Tourism resources: Hai Phong has great potential for developing cultural and eco - tourism such as Cat Ba Island, Do Son beach, Elephant mountain, Thien Van mountain, ha Lung and Dang Hai, Bao Ha sculpture, Nguyen Binh Khiem temple in Vinh Bao district and An Bien park.

- Human resources: The province has young population, in which the number of working age people was 936,000 (university, college degree holders are 25,000, high technical workers are 120,000). Hai Phong’s people are creative, active with professional working style which is considered to be the province’s advantage.


-Transportation system: The system is quite convenient with all 4 types of transportation means: roadway, waterway, railway and airway. Hai Phong is the key junction of 2 important national highways (No. 5&10) Hai Phong is also the key point in Hanoi – Hai Phong route. There are both domestic and international flights in its Cat Bi airport. Waterway is the biggest advantage of Hai Phong where the largest amount of goods in the Northern Vietnam is transported. The systematic transportation network has created favourable conditions for Hai Phong to develop its economy.

- Power supply system: The province has used national power grid supplied by Hoa Binh hydro-electricity plant, Pha Lai and Uong Bi thermal electricity plants. The Government is going to build a thermal electricity plant with the capacity of 300-600 MW in Hai Phong to ensure sufficient power supply for the City’s industrialization and modernization.

- Water supply system: The province has 6 water treatment and supply plants with the total capacity of 152,000m3/day with the plentiful water source from Da Do River, An Kim Hai canal and Gia river as well as from lakes and underground water. The province has a plan to build several new water plants in form of BOT or BT to meet the increasing demands for economic development of new urban areas and industrial zones.

- Industrial zones: Hai Phong has 3 industrial zones: Dinh Vu with the area of 982 hectares in Hai An district, Nam Dinh Vu with the area of 1344 hectares, Do Son Hai Phong with the area of 150 hectares in Ngo Quyen district, Nomura with the area of 153 hectares in An Duong district, Nam Cau Kien with the area of 263 hectares and Trang Due with the area of 349.23 hectares.

Economic situations

- Growth rate: In the period of 2006-2010, the growth rate of GDP was 11.32%. 

GDP (%)

- Economic structure: increase the proportion of industry, services while decrease that of agriculture-Forestry and Aquaculture

Agriculture-forestry-Aquaculture (%)
Industry – Construction (%)
Services (%)

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