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industrial zones

/ Red-river Delta / Bac Ninh

Que Vo 1 IZ



Investors IZ

Kinh Bac urban development JSC (SAIGONINVEST Group)

Priority Area

Multi – sectors

Typical Enterprise

Canon, Nippon Steel, Mitsuwa, Toyo Ink, Tenma, Foxconn, Mitac, VS Group, Sentec, Nippon Zoki, DK UIL, Shell Line, Bujeon, SR I-Tech, …



Located in important road, connecting the major economic centers such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh and Noi Bai International airport and international seaport, very convenient for transportation of imported goods.

Distance to major cities

- 33 km from Ha Noi to the north. -Are close to the central Industrial zone in Bac Ninh, 2.8 km from the town center on road routes connecting Highway 18 East North-Noi Bai-Ha Long

Nearest Seaport

river Port Industrial Park, 18km from Vinh Thuy , is very convenient for water way transport.

Nearest Airport

56 km from Noi Bai port.

Nearest railway station

35 km from Ha Noi station



 Transport system in the Que Vo IP is spread asphalt completely and modern pressure-burner system, planned in the chessboard style with huge loading - Main roads: 32 m (4 lanes) - Other internal roads: 23 m (2 lanes)


 110KV power substation with 110 KV\ 22KV pointed substation and low voltage lines to each functional zone with a total capacity of 80MVA


 IP has water supply plant with capacity of 10,000 m3/day Own water supply network of IP

Contact Info

 Modern information technology system serves the needs of communications such as telephone, Internet, cable TV, etc..

Garbage disposal

 arbage is collected and transported to processing focus area in accordance with regulation


 3.700 m3/day


 Vietcombank, BIDV, Navibank, western bank...

Training School

 Bac Ninh has 14 universities and colleges and intermediate vocational training in various fields.

Housing for workers

 Residential workers, housing specialists and managers

Other gadgets

 Que Vo bonded warehouse create favorable conditions for storage, parking, customs procedures, transport services, import and export goods.+ bank branches and credit institutions located around: techcombank, Navibank, Western bank+ auxiliary services: credits, banks, restaurants, legal advices, design consultancy, logistics ...


Planning area

 300 ha

Area available for rent

  20 ha

Zoning map



Rents do not have the infrastructure

 N/A USD/m2

The rental facilities

  65 USD/m2

Electricity prices

 According to the Government's price set

water Rates

 According to IZ's prices.

Labor costs

 Reference Price: About 100 - 300USD/person/month.

Solid waste disposal fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Wastewater treatment fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Management fee


Other expenses



In operational


Fill rate


The enterprises in the IZ

 Canon, Nippon Steel, Mitsuwa, Toyo Ink, Tenma, Foxconn, Mitac, VS Group, Sentec, Tyco Electronics..

Investment Incentives

 In accordance with the Investment in IZ Legislation





 Industrial zone is a good location, convenient transportation, along Highway 18. Very convenient for transportation.In the Industrial zone, infrastructure construction is good, and full synchronization, including projects to build house for workers in industrial zones. Phase 1 nearly 200 ha have been filled and investing in second phase


 High price. High operation price. High price to hiring employees.


 Good policies for incentive investment, supporting investment. High provincial competitiveness index .


 Environmental remediation. Chính sách lao động Attracting employees.

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