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industrial zones

/ Southeast / Dong Nai

Giang Dien IZ


www.sonadezi.com.vn ; http://www.sonadezi.vn/

Investors IZ

Industrial zone development company

Priority Area

- manufacturing and producing high-tech products in telecommunications, information technology, automation, mechatronics, precision engineering, and materials- Manufacturing and producing biotechnology products- Manufacturing and assembling electrical and electronic appliances, digital devices, listening-seeing devices…- Manufacture of electric wire, electric cable- Manufacturing, assembling and manufacturing automobiles, motorbikes, bikes and spares of them.- Producing and assembling transmission engines , accessories and control equipments for aerospace, marine- Mechanical production- Manufacture of machinery, office equipments and metal products- Production of medical instruments, sport equipments, toys, teaching equipments, interior-exterior products, jewelry, fake jewelry, high-qual furniture, products from plastic, rubber, glass, and pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals- Rations and drinking providing services on flights- industries with the low pollution index.- Other industries in IP.

Typical Enterprise

An Thinh, Thinh A



Giang Dien and An Vien commune, Trang Bom district- Tam Phuoc commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province.

Distance to major cities

06 km from Trang Bom

Nearest Seaport

35 km from Go Dau port, 70 km from Phu My port

Nearest Airport

12 km from Long Thanh airport

Nearest railway station

03 km from North south station



 Fully done internal road


 national electricity grid


 Capacity: 15000m3/day-night

Contact Info

 Facilitate domestic and international communications..

Garbage disposal

 Garbage is collected, gathered and transported to where handled in accordance with regulation


 Focus wastewater treatment plant with the capacity at 12.000 m3/day in designing stage



Training School

 Lac Hong university, Sonadezi technology and administrator Colleges

Housing for workers

 Residential workers, housing specialists and managers

Other gadgets

 Fire prevention and fire fighting systems according to standard


Planning area

 529 ha

Area available for rent

  320 ha

Zoning map



Rents do not have the infrastructure

 N/A USD/m2

The rental facilities

  45 USD/m2

Electricity prices

 815 VND/Kwh

water Rates

 According to current provision.

Labor costs

 ≥ 4.000.000 VND/month

Solid waste disposal fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Wastewater treatment fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Management fee

 Under the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones

Other expenses



In operational


Fill rate


The enterprises in the IZ


Investment Incentives

 In accordance with government and local regulations.





 Convenient location for transportation, land lease, price competition


 Far from downtown


 Suitable for various types of investors, especially the cleaning industry. Preferential policies and support services good investment


 Environmental remediation. Labour attracting policies with high quality.

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