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Post Date: 15/3/2012
Exp Date: 30/3/2100
Content: SONADEZI SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY Address: 22B, Road 3A, Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province. - Tel: 0618. 890777/890888 Fax: 0618.890199 - E-mail:sdv@sonadezi-sdv.com.vn Website: Sonadezi-sdv.com.vn ******* SDV has created our own brand in the field of environmental treatment and Industrial zones ****** • Environmental Protection services: Management and operating waste water treatment system + Gather, transport wastewater, hazardous waste, industrial waste and other types of waste + Consulting services for environmental engineering and resources +Analysis Laboratory (Laboratory standards VILAS 310). • ****** Industrial Services: + Security services + Tree maintenance services + Industrial Hygiene Services + Other Services in industrial services
Category: Services
Demand: Providing
Location: Nationwide

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