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used rail scrap R50/R65

Post Date: 13/6/2013
Exp Date: 20/6/2015
Content: dealing in Metals, Metal Scrap, Used Rail Scrap, Petroleum Products. 1. Used Rail Track Commodity: Used Rail Scrap R50-R65 Cut Length 1.5 to 6.25 m 2,300,000 MT by Container Shipment or by Break Bulk CIF ASWP Weight: 437.5 kg Official length 12.5 meters Price: CIF $150USD per/mt Payment Terms: LC 2%PB from prime bank / T-T 16 days Delivery B/L Minimum order: 10,000 m/t Inspection: By SGS/CCIC or Equivalent Agency for Quality, Quantity Time shipment at Seller Expenses. nadeco(at)gmail.com Commission/Over price for agent is allowed to be added, to be given to agent
Category: Services
Demand: Providing
Location: Nationwide

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